Winter Gritting

Helping you to help yourself, and your neighbours

Three of our last four winters have been particularly snowy and icy. Snow and ice can be beautiful, but it can also be a nuisance when trying to get to get around.

Frodsham is a wonderful place, but have you ever thought just how hilly it is? Just think of how few at-level road junctions we have.

Way back in 2008, I remember being challenged by a member of the community about the difficulties caused by snow and ice. I resolved to do something about it.  

Each year since then, we've increased and improved the support to the local community.

So, what happens, and how can you play your part?

  1. CWaC has the duty to keep the principal roads treated - this effectively means the main roads such as the A56.  CWaC may get the opportunity to treat some side and more minor roads, but inevitably, the priority is the main roads;
  2. Everyone in Frodsham can have free grit delivered to them from Frodsham Town Council (tel 01928 735150), on the condition that the grit is spread on the local roads and pavements;
  3. There are 4 hand propelled gritters that you can take for a walk, providing you bring them back. They are kept at the Leisure Centre, Churchfields, Overton Stores and Top Shop (Langdale Way). Lynn and I paid for these out of our CWaC Members' Grants;
  4. Lynn and I have also provided hand propelled gritters to each of our four primary schools and Helsby High School, so that they can grit the school approaches, including the pavements.

Make sure that you follow the snow code when you are out clearing snow and ice, and don't forget to help your neighbours.

Now, all of this is common sense - but, don't forget that the former Labour dominated Town Council refused to follow Andrew Dawson's suggestion that FTC should play its part.