Mayors and Junior Mayors

Frodsham is fortunate to have:

  • Mayor of Frodsham and the Mayor's consort;
  • Deputy Mayor of Frodsham; and
  • two Junior Mayors.
This Mayoral team represents Frodsham Town Council (FTC) in Frodsham, and represents Frodsham to the wider world.

Our Junior Mayors come from our Primary Schools. Each Primary School takes it in turn to have a boy and a girl act as the Junior Mayors.

Since 2012, FTC has chosen its Mayors with reference to a convention. In doing this, FTC came into line with other councils. This also makes sure that everyone can have the chance of being Mayor.

The convention, put briefly, offers the Mayorship to the Councillor who has served the longest since last being Mayor, or since they were first elected. A Councillor can choose to defer serving as a Mayor for 12 months. However, if a Councillor declines to be Mayor altogether, he or she declines being Mayor for the remainder of the 4 year term before the next round of elections.

In 2012, FTC resolved to split the role of Chairman of the Council from that of the Mayor of Frodsham. Whilst the Chairman can be the Mayor of Frodsham, the expectation is that one Councillor will be Chairman, and another Mayor. In doing this, FTC has been innovative.


There are many advantages with these arrangements:

  • The Chairman can concentrate on chairing the council;
  • the Mayor can concentrate on representing the council and Frodsham - and being scrupulously impartial;
  • the Chairman can remain Chairman provided that he or she retains the confidence of the council, and is voted into the role at each Annual General Meeting;
  • the Mayor becomes the Deputy Chairman of the Council and can deputise for the Chairman; and
  • not everyone is comfortable being a Chairman, but may be happy being a Mayor, or vice-versa.

This change was all about capacity building, improving both the chairing of the council and the mayorship, and the civic representative roles. This change cost nothing.

Since 2012, most of the Councillors on FTC have had the opportunity to be Mayor of Frodsham. Several members have declined the opportunity, for a variety of reasons.