Webcasting Council Meetings

Not everyone can or wants to attend council meetings.  However you may be interested in understanding what has happened.

CWaC webcasts several of its meetings live and also makes them available for review for 6 months afterwards.  You can view them via the CWaC website.

Typically CWaC webcasts:

  • Meetings of the Full Council;
  • Executive; and
  • Planning Committees
Frodsham Town Council has introduced webcasting from April 2014.  FTC council meetings are recorded and posted on FTC's and CWaC's websites a few days later.

So if you ever want to know what happened at a CWaC or FTC meeting - why not check whether it has been webcast - and find out directly what has been said.

Andrew Dawson was instrumental in introducing webcasting to:
  • CWaC
  • Cheshire Police and Crime Panel
  • Frodsham Town Council