Your councillors

Andrew Dawson

Elected to

(1) Cheshire West and Chester Council - Frodsham

(2) Frodsham Town Council - Frodsham East

Andrew met and married local girl Dianne 25 years ago.  They've lived here ever since - bringing up their three children in Frodsham. 

Andrew is a solicitor and runs his own law firm.

Andrew has represented Frodsham since 2007, first on Vale Royal Borough Council and then on Cheshire West and Chester Council. He has served on Frodsham Town Council since 2007.
Andrew was Mayor of Frodsham 2011-12

Lynn Riley

Elected to

(1) Cheshire West and Chester Council - Frodsham

(2) Frodsham Town Council - Frodsham South

Lynn has lived in Frodsham for more than 25 years. She married John, a local man, and they have brought their two boys up here.

Lynn has represented Frodsham and the surrounding rural area since 2004, first on Vale Royal, then Cheshire West and Chester and has is also serving on Frodsham Town Council.

Lynn is one of the Executive Members at Cheshire West and Chester Council in charge of Localities.

Lynn was Mayor of Frodsham 2012-13

Sara Wakefield

Elected to

(1) Frodsham Town Council - Frodsham South

Sara has lived in Frodsham with her fiancé Greig for 9 years, She also works in Frodsham as a Paralegal and was educated at Helsby High School.

Sara says: 'It is the things that affect everyone's life that I have an interest in - things like planning issues (large and small!) and road safety. I want to help the community find workable solutions.'

Sara has served on the Town Council previously between 2003-05.  She resigned to concentrate on her legal studies. Sara was re-elected to the council in 2011. 

She says: 'I want to represent the interests of individuals and the community as a whole helping to keep Frodsham a place that people want to live, work, holiday and shop.

Sara served as Mayor of Frodsham 2013-14.

Caroline Ashton 

Elected to

(1) Frodsham Town Council - Frodsham South

Caroline comes from a Cheshire family and has lived in Frodsham for more than 30 years,  She recently retired from United Utilities having held several important managerial positions including ensuring the provision of safe drinking water!

In her business life Caroline has managed teams of people, been responsible for managing budgets, delivered projects on time and on budget and all in a customer focused and highly regulated business.  She is used to working in an environment where others scrutinise what she does.

Caroline already supports the work of Frodsham Town Council having been co-opted onto its footpaths committee.  She is also a District Commissioner with the Girl Guides.

When not out walking and checking on our footpaths or leading the girl guides you can find Caroline at the gym in Forest Hills indulging her passion for zumba.

How we operate

(1) Cheshire West and Chester Council

At Cheshire West and Chester Council ('CWaC') Andrew and Lynn are part of the ruling Conservative Group.  There are 75 Councillors on CWaC.  At the 2011 elections there were:

  • 42 Conservatives
  • 32 Labour
  • 1  Liberal Democrat

CWaC is run primarily by an Executive.  The Executive are all members of the majority Conservative Group.  

Strategic decisions such as setting the budget have to be taken by the full council.  On occasion each political party will instruct its members how to vote on a particular issue - this is known as the 'party whip.'  Most of the time, however the decisions being taken are common sense and it is the consensus of all the members that particular decisions are made.

Like in central government all the political parties at CWaC hold meetings of their own members.  These meetings are called 'caucuses.'  The Conservative Group as a whole at a caucus will decide whether or not to apply a party whip in relation to any particular proposal to be discussed at the council meeting.

The Conservative party rarely applies the party whip at CWaC.  Where an individual member does not, or cannot agree with a party decision he or she can be excused from abiding by the whip if numbers allow and permission is given.

There are a number of committees and panels where no political whip is applied these include:

  • planning committees
  • licensing committees
  • scrutiny committees

(2) Frodsham Town Council

When at full strength there are 16 members on Frodsham Town Council ('FTC'). Andrew, Lynn, Sara and Caroline are 4 of the 16 members.  

When standing for election Andrew, Lynn, Sara and Caroline declare that they are Conservative party members and stand as such for election.   They think it is important that the electorate know what they'll be getting if they are elected. 

This open and honest approach is in stark contrast to some individuals belonging to other political parties who 'fly false colours when claiming to be 'independents' even when in their declaration of member's interests they declare, as has happened, that they are members of the Labour Party or Liberal Democrats.

Even though Andrew, Lynn, Sara and Caroline are elected as Conservatives they do not hold local party meetings nor agree any approach in advance of any FTC meetings.  In other words there are no Conservative caucus meetings nor is any party whip applied.

Each of them applies their own independent skill and judgement to any FTC votes or decisions.  They all work with the 'progressive' independent members at FTC in seeking to advance the work of the council in supporting our wonderful community.